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Contact us now! Your colleagues, specialists in providing Occupational Health and Safety Poster.

Testimonial :
  • Nurhudi, Design - the design of Lorco is the best, always in accordance with that we expected. Safety Sign our place all products from Lorco. Great Job Lorco.
  • Septa, A trusted partner to assist the procurement of safety awareness poster / display. Respond quickly, on demand and satisfactory results.
  • I Kadek Witarsa ​​(GM PT.INDONESIA VILLAJAYA), Her Good And Unique Design and communicative at all - not only for the Sign but also beautify the office.
  • Fany Setyo Ananto, Recommended as a partner for the Visual Awareness Project (such as Safety, etc). Good design with cooperative person ..

8 Tips for Safe Leaving Home At Go Vacationing
How to keep your holiday stay cool without having to think about security in an abandoned house?.
New Year is usually celebrated with a festive trumpet and flame fireworks during the second clockwise or right at number 12 on the digital clock shows the combination of numbers "00:00".

The right time to meet with relatives before the New Year holiday. Not a few people who had left home for days to go on vacation during the new year. For people who will leave home for the holidays, before going advisable to do some of the following home security in order to maintain abandoned houses are always safe.

1 Make sure all doors and windows are locked.

2 Talk with neighbors who are not going home or RT / RW to leave your home for abandoned go.

3 Keep your hands is always the key. Do not Leave house key to someone other than family.

4 Keep electronic items from a place easily visible and conspicuous attention of the people. Use curtains to cover it up so that people outside who are not interested do not get to see.

5. Turn off all electrical equipment and unplug the hose from the gas stove to save power and prevent any short circuits that can trigger fires.

6 Turn on the lights in some parts of the house, such as in-room or in the living room, to give the impression that the house is not left empty.

7 Do not leave the house dirty and messy conditions preformance, Clean up your incorrect all the rooms of the house before leaving.

8 If you have more budget, install an alarm to prevent the entry of criminals into the home. And use a timer for the lights to give the impression of the house as there are lethal and turn on the light.
Try to always maintain the security of your home, do not give a chance to people who intend evil.

How Buddy Pro Safety, you've got other tips?.

Happy Holidays & Greetings Safety

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